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I'm Perrine. Welcome!

French navigator Loïck Peyron says the most beautiful trip (le plus beau voyage), is the one we haven’t made yet.

For me, le plus beau voyage is ongoing.
Happening right here, right now.
We are on a journey (a word we don’t have in French… even though it comes from the French!)

Between 2 adventures, I try to keep my traveler spirit alive, meaning being present and curious even when living a sedentary life.




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Gone on adventures since 2015...

After I burnt myself out at work, I went on a journey of slow travel to get back in touch with my dreams, the unexpected and adventure.

Since spring 2015, I explore life and travel styles such as:

  • traveling alone with a 35 liter (22 lbs) backpack,
  • contributing to inspiring projects,
  • sharing other people’s everyday life,
  • backpacking in the wild for weeks,
  • learning how to sail,
  • zerowaste living,
  • urban farming,
  • traveling on a solar ebike…
I’m now writing a book, a memoir on how I went from exhausted working girl to discovering within me the space where everything is possible, to exploring the world I want to live in in the future. 


, a


Our relatives think it’s reckless or dangerous. In fact it’s so rewarding to spend time alone or with fellow travelers and locals when we want it.

travel LIGHT

On the road as well as at home, minimalism means freedom and peace of mind. Becoming minimalist changed my life after years dreading to pack my suitcase for work related travel.

travel SLOW

Spending years on the road (and at sea) is about slowing down and taking the time. The faster we go, the more it costs. The more we slow down, the richest it becomes.


For a long time, hitchhiking frightened me as much as it attracted me. Especially as a solo woman.
Watch out: danger magic!


As I hit the road, I had never set foot on a sailboat in my entire life. But I had this distant dream to learn how to sail and cross the Atlantic one day. Mission accomplished.

Solar cycling

Travel far and high in the French/Swiss/Italian Alps with a gang of 50 other crazy cyclists, inventors and adventurers.


As I backpacked alone on a small island in New Zealand, I met my future husband.
He joined me on the Atlantic crossing and the Sun Trip. In 2020, we’ll tackle his dream of hiking through the Pacific Crest Trail!


To know more about the blog, my journey and get in touch with me, head over to:

Le most beautiful journey is to consider your life as a trip,
an exploration of every moment.