About me

My name is Perrine and I am a biz & life coach.

I’m French and I like cheese (of course), words, living abroad, learning new things, slow modes of transportation and being on night watch at sea.
… And belly dancing too; it’s my new passion – my abs are literally on fire as I type these words :)

In 2015, I left my corporate job and went on a journey to pursue my dreams, meet people, and learn from them.
It changed the way I saw life, the world and myself.
It was the most beautiful trip I had ever taken, mon plus beau voyage.

Now I help others go on the same self-exploration journey using coaching.
Traveling solo was life-changing and having a life coach helps me stay in the curious and daring mindset that I love so much.
I don’t want to ever settle but live in breakthroughs (and salty wind), challenging my beliefs week after week, coaching call after coaching call.

You don’t have to be a wanderlust junkie and hit the road or board sailboats like I did.
Coaching works perfectly in the comfort of your home.
Still it is an exploration, a stretch outside of your comfort zone that will challenge your worldview, your habits, your beliefs, and mostly how you see yourself.

Here’s the back story…

From Torschlusspanik to traveling

For a long time, I was yearning for something else, something different.
But I was scared, I wouldn’t dare taking the leap and years passed by, faster and faster. I felt like I was getting drained by the busy-ness of my life and I couldn’t really see how to change course.

Even though I was successful in life, deep inside, I knew that I wasn’t successfully living the life I truly wanted.
I was dreaming of different landscapes, new encounters, small adventures, big adventures, and fresh perspectives.

At the age of 30, Torschlusspanik and burnout helping, I finally hit the road (yeah Jack!)
And from there, Magic. Everywhere! All the time!
Since then, my life has become so intense and vibrant.

I decided to travel solo, light and slow.
I emptied my house, closets and 55 pairs of shoes and packed my life into a 35 L backpack that weighs 10 kg (that’s 22 lbs)!

My best travel companion: trusting the Universe.
My best reward: finally living in the moment.
I left home with no itinerary nor return date. Only dreams and ideas.

From traveling to living my dreams

I was just telling you about small and big adventures.
I left with that distant dream, maybe a little crazy, to one day sail across the Atlantic. Had I ever sailed before? Nope.
Well, you know what? This dream came true beginning 2018 and I’m sure that you too can do it!

And another dream was to cover long distances on a solar bicycle and join the Sun Trip rally.
Well, you know what? We did it with my now-husband!

I’m passionate about travel in the broader sense, not just physical travel.
Travel automatically makes us zoom out and gives us a new perspective.
Unless we rush like tourists without taking the time to truly discover and feel a place.

Changing location is the easiest/fastest way to find oneself and refocus, but it’s also possible at home.

As my grandpa once told me: the widest world to discover is oneself.

We’re probably too busy racing following a straight line instead of taking the time to listen to the whisper of our little inner voice and go explore winding tiny paths.

To helping you reaching your goals and living your dreams

If you too have the feeling that you can’t find what you’re looking for where you are at the moment, you landed in the right place.

Nothing will change without you rolling up your sleeves.
You have to put in work.
Coaching is work and coaching does work.

If you have a dream that never leaves you and don’t know where to start,
If you want to be more confident,
If you’re in business and don’t seem to attract the right clients, partners, employees, we can figure out a way.
Reach out today.

By realizing one’s dreams, one realizes oneself.

I am here to help you take the steps to make your wildest dreams come true.

Fair winds, bon voyage !



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