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You’ve tried to create some type of change in your life – grow your confidence, improve your relationships, reach ambitious business goals, get better at time management, stop some bad behavior or/and better your self-talk…

It didn’t work as planned?
Well, it’s not your fault.
Your mind is working against you and you need coaching (we all do, I fdo!)

If you’re serious about getting better results in any aspect of your life, shoot me an email and let’s schedule a free discovery call.
>>> perrine[at]leplusbeauvoyage[dot]com

Who do I coach?

I coach clients in the US (I am currently based in California), France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.
My clients are free spirited humans who tried hard to fit in but sacrificed too much as they pursued a “traditional” career path.
Now they want to break free from years of routine and limitations to embrace change and challenges, and dare being themselves with courage and confidence.
They want to explore a world of possibility.
They become explorers of their choices, thoughts, emotions and habits.
They launch new projects, they start and grow their businesses on their own terms.
They design their own rules, they shape a new world… and they stop apologizing for being who they are.
They break free and they stay free…
Because they soon realize there’s always more available to them.
So they keep playing and dig deeper.

“Everyone we work with knows a lot more and can do a lot more than we think.
It's our job as coaches to find out what it is that they know, care about, can do, and are committed to, and then to use that information to help them move their practice.”

How did I become a coach?

I became a coach right after I sailed across the Atlantic, beginning of 2018.
For months, people had come to me for advice and I quickly realized that I needed professional tools to help them find their own way.
Advice don’t work, coaching does.

After a few years of travel and adventures, high on freedom, I had found the space within myself where everything is possible and I wanted to live there forever.
I wanted everyone to reach the same place… without/before burning themselves out (like I did at work!) or having to travel the world.

I offer 1-1 coaching packages of 3 months (12 weekly sessions) and 6 months (24 weekly sessions).
I host workshops on various topics (being at peace with time, new year goals, time management, manifestation, how to sell with ease, how to overcome fear, how to set boundaries, etc.) so get on my email list to get invited.

Whatever you wish in life, coaching is a neutral approach that allows you, one step at a time, to take back ownership of all of your life’s areas.

Because the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.
Coaching is an investment that creates lasting change and permanent results.

More about me...

I am a certified coach

I am ICF certified and member of the Sacramento Charter Chapter in California.
ICF stands for International Coaching Federation.

I am a proud participant of Ignite 2022, a project engaging coaching for humanity and the planet.
Click here to know more about Ignite 2021.
(I didn’t participate, I was already booked to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada).

New to coaching? Click here to read about the ICF Coaching Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics.
I am passionate about my work, I trained in Positive Psychology at UC Berkeley and I learn new tools all the time.

You define your goals and timing, you set the agenda for the session.
You start the conversation and I guide you towards your destination.
Between sessions, I offer you (if you so want) personalized tools, exercises, visualizations, meditations, conferences, podcasts, interviews, books, and other resources ready for you to go deeper and solidify your progress.

Paolo Coehlo wrote: “important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other”.

So get in touch with me and we can talk about where you want to go (perrine[arobase]leplusbeauvoyage[point]com).
Let’s write a beautiful new chapter to your plus beau voyage – your most beautiful journey, your life…

Talk to you soon :)
A bientôt,


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"It is really great to be given permission to speak about myself, my aspirations, my feelings, and unashamedly monopolize the verbal space between us to echo my sentiments.
I am able to hear myself speaking and analyze my words objectively enough to see through the cloudiness that is my ego, and there I see myself for who I am, who I was in regards to my past tribulations, and how I can come into agreement with these two individuals to seek out the person I could be if I set myself free.
This is for any and everyone.
Especially those seeking to escape the confines of their own insecurities. Tell your inhibitions to get the heck out of the way, and then aptly proceed to let Coach Perrine 'peer-in'."
Mark Chapman
Videographer, NYC