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You’ve tried to create some type of change in your life – grow your confidence, improve your relationships, get better at time management, stop some bad behavior or/and better your self-talk…

It didn’t work? Well, it’s not your fault.
Your mind is working against you.

If you’re serious about getting better results, shoot me an email and let’s schedule a free coaching call.

Like these Kiwi hens picking my feet in the picture, let’s sit down and pick your brain together.

You’ll experience coaching first hand and see how I can help you >>> perrine[at]leplusbeauvoyage[dot]com
I am writing in code to dodge robots that have no interesting story to tell me, unlike yours!

Tell me what your time zone is; I currently live in California.

Talk to you soon! A bientôt,

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"It was really great to be given permission to speak about myself, my aspirations, my feelings, and unashamedly monopolize the verbal space between us to echo my sentiments.
At some point I was able to hear myself speaking and analyze my words objectively enough to see through the cloudiness that is my ego, and there I saw myself for who I am, who I was in regards to my past tribulations, and how I can come into agreement with these two individuals to seek out the person I could be if I set myself free.
This is for any and everyone.
Especially those seeking to escape the confines of their own insecurities. Tell your inhibitions to get the heck out of the way, and then aptly proceed to let Coach Perrine 'peer-in'."
Mark Chapman
Videographer, NYC